Commissioned Work

Although my paintings can be seen in galleries or on line and are for sale, also work on commission, particularly for portraits of individuals, animals and houses.

How It Works

For obvious reasons, portraits of animals and houses are done from photographs. I prefer to take the photographs myself, although I will do a painting from photographs provided by the client, if requested.

For traditional portraits, I will do live sittings if requested by the client. Generally, I have found that people do not have the time for this, and it is more time consuming also for the painter. A portrait done from live sitting will therefore be more expensive.

The preferred method is to work from photographs. I take these in my studio in Cambridge under controlled conditions. I take approximately 30-50 photographs; the whole process takes about an hour.

All portraits include the sitter's hands, so special objects to be held can be brought by the sitter.

Plain clothes, i.e., clothes without pattern and of muted color, are preferred. The focus of the painting is the face and the hands of the sitter, and complex attire or theatrical backgrounds detract from the painting's principal purpose.

Accepting The Finished Painting

When a buyer wishes to commission a painting, a deposit of 30% of the purchase price is due when the painting is started. Under no circumstances is the customer obligated to accept a finished painting or pay any fee in addition to the deposit if he or she is not fully satisfied.

The client may request reasonable modifications to a painting as a condition of acceptance.

I retain all copyright to a sold work

All paintings are delivered framed. The buyer may return the painting in a year to be varnished. (Oil paint takes a year to dry fully.)